Makeup Artist​

When you’re going to an important event and want to look your best, Sharla is here to help you cover and treat imperfections as well as give you elegant makeup for any skin type and style preference.

Sharla Mohney Salon carries a wide selection of makeup products that are healthy and beautiful on the skin. Sharla's beauty salon can do any event makeup. Her makeup services provide ultimate coverage while still giving you a naturally flawless appearance. If you are looking for the ultimate makeup for your wedding, birthday party, anniversary, prom, or any event, Sharla welcomes you to call her makeup and hair salon at Sharla Mohney Salon.

During makeovers, Sharla may suggest hairstyles to refresh your look. She is trained to know what makeup and hairstyle will best suit for your dress. Nothing stops her from helping you look perfect for your special event.

You can set up an appointment with a makeup artist for your event makeup needs or for Sharla's makeup lessons, contact Sharla at Sharla Mohney Salon, located in Ann Arbor, MI.