About Sharla Mohney

20 years ago, Sharla Mohney ran away from law school, and she’s never looked back.

“After I finished my bachelor’s degree, I went to a hair show and was stunned by what I saw there. The creativity, the freedom, and the transformations really inspired and excited me. That’s when I knew that a career in the world of beauty was my true calling.”

Her training at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in California also introduced her to makeup design and application, resulting in her ability to serve all of her clients’ beauty needs. Her passion for continuing education means that she is always on top of the latest industry skills and trends.

Her education and industry experience has made her portfolio a masterpiece that speaks for itself. Her clean beauty looks have made her a rising star in the print media world, and she aspires to lend her expertise to commercial, TV and music video work.

Combining principles from the fields of art, science, geometry, and architecture, she creates stunning looks that run the gamut from casual to formal, classic to modern, structured to free form. She finds inspiration everywhere – autumn leaves, a Caribbean vacation photo, a cherry-stained lip against an alabaster cheek. She has the distinct ability to take one simple idea or element and translate it into a detailed, comprehensive theme.

“I love being part of a team that is working to make a creative vision come to life. Even more rewarding is to see that vision translated and preserved by the camera for eternity. Whether I’m called upon to simply enhance a client’s features or change their look entirely, watching the project evolve and come to fruition is exciting. It reminds me of the thrill of watching my child’s first steps.”